Weekly Snapshot Issue: 18 – 1 March 2019

Case we are discussing…

What relevance to the custody decision does the fact that the Mother being a prostitute have on the outcome of the case? This is the issue that arose in In the Marriage of DKI and OBI (1979)5 Fam LR 223. 

Following a deterioration of the marriage, the Wife, who was of Malaysian descent, commenced work as a prostitute in a Melbourne massage parlour. The Husband never complained and drove Wife to work. However, he did not force her to continue to be a prostitute. Later, Wife left Husband and, taking the children with her, entered a relationship with another man. Husband then applied for custody. 

Looking at the issue of Wife’s past employment, Lusink J held that the consent of conventional morality has changed. Having accepted that the welfare of the child is the paramount consideration his Honour adopted the words of Hutley JA in Barnett v Bartnett (1973) 2 ALR 19, quoting‘objections to the conduct of parents because they depart from the conventional moral code also have no weight except in so far as they reflect upon the parent’s fitness to take charge of the child’. Custody was awarded to the Mother. 

Project that has inspired us…

In an attempt to show us the impact that technology has had on our human interactions, American photographer Eric Pickersgill photoshopped away the smartphones and digital devices from his portraits of everyday life. The project “Removed” aims to show our addiction to modern technology, social media and hyper—connectivity. 

May this project inspire you to put down the gadgets and connect with the humans in your life. 

Philosophy we are considering…

We are bombarded by the politicians of the 21st Century and let’s be honest our assessment of politicians is torn between hope and disappointment. You have the Obama’s and then you have the rest. 

What do we expect from politicians and what makes for a good leader? This is the question that Machiavelli’s work focuses on.  His Political Theory writings suggest that we should not be surprised if politicians lie and dissemble, but nor should we think them immoral and simply bad’ for doing so. 

Machiavelli wrote about this theory in his famous work, The Prince (1513) and specifically how to get power and what makes effective leaders. On the question of whether a leader should be loved or feared, he wrote that while it would theoretically be wonderful for a leader to be both loved and obeyed, he should always err on the side of inspiring terror, for this is what ultimately keeps people in check.

His ideology applies to any facet of life. You may have to sacrifice your ideal visions of kindness for the sake of practical effectiveness. You may have to ignore the feelings of the workforce in order to keep business going. This, Machiavelli insists, is the price of dealing with the world as it is, and not as we feel it should be. 

Show we binged on …

Based on the true crime podcast, Dirty John(the show) is based on the relationship of John Meehan and Dehra Newell. 

Debra seems to have the perfect life. She is successful, beautiful and lives in Newport Beach. The only thing missing from her life is love, and so when she meets the charismatic, handsome and charming Dr John Meehan, she is swept off her feet and soon after, they marry. However, the dream is short lived and Debra soon realises that the man she married is not at all who he says he is. 

Watch it on Netflix. 

Video we are watching…

Loneliness by Kurzgesagt is a video that addresses one of the most fundamental issues of our time: loneliness. While the video starts of slow, stick with it as it offers practical steps to creating better and more fulling connections with those in your life. 

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