Weekly Snapshot Issue: 24 – 12 April 2019

Case we are discussing…

One of the many things we love about law is that we are constantly learning something new. We are currently representing a Mother in a rather unique Family Law matter, and as part of our research we came across section 65C of the Family Law Act and in particular part 65C(b). 

In asking the question ‘Who may apply for a parenting Order, s65C(b) allows for a child to make an application for Parenting Orders. These applications are virtually unknown, however in an unusual case, namely Kandal v Khyatt (2010)a 17-year-old obtained Ex Parte orders under s68B restraining her parents and stepfather from removing he from Australia against her will.  

In handing down judgement, His Honour Dunkley stated ‘Given her age and the means by which she contacted the Federal Police and the intervention that she has sought, significant weight is attached to those wishes. The Child is, it goes without saying, of mature years and has shown by her actions a degree of resourcefulness so as to indicate that she has a real appreciation of what is occurring’. 

Article we are reading…

An important question to ask yourself is what will happen to my family or loved ones when I pass. This is often a question we avoid because we don’t want to face our mortality and believe we will live forever. The truth is- the only thing certain in life is death. 

In her article for CEO magazine, Rochelle Clarke discusses the vulnerability of family businesses after a key player in the management of business passes away. 

She writes ‘One of the areas where family businesses are most vulnerable is in the succession process. There is a lot of confusion and interruption – not from the actual ‘handing over of the keys’ but from poor communication. It comes down to conversations that can be difficult because a critical relationship could be at stake’. 

Have the hard discussions, because although it can be tough, taking care of succession planning now means your family and loved ones are taken care of later. 

Life advise we are issuing… 

Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts 

– Winston Churchill 

Fascinating Podcast we’re following…

The Habitatfollows the course of a NASA experiment involving six volunteer astronauts being secluded in an imitation of the Mars habitat. A dome was built on a remote mountain in Hawaii in which the volunteers must live and work for a full year, including having 30 second showers and saving every drop of water (tears and urine included). 

Their interactions and dynamics are studied via audio diaries to help NASA prepare for the eventual blast off to the red planet. The project manager noted that just like NASA must make sure the Rocket is in working order – the reality is the astronauts themselves are part of the equipment and so if the humans break down; then so does the whole mission. 

Photographs we’re intrigued by…

Following on with our fascination with space, on Wednesday humanity received its first glimpses of a cosmic place of no return: a black hole.Now we won’t purport to understand astrophysics but we can somewhat appreciate and celebrate the significance of these photographs surfacing. According to the discovery team, the photos depict a supermassive black hole in M87 Galaxy that has a mass size that is 6.5 billion times as much as our sun’s. 

Undoubtedly there were multiples teams of scientists behind the discovery – however a 29 year old woman; Dr. Katie Bouman has been specially applauded for developing the algorithm that helped devise the imaging methods. 

As one scientist said: “It feels like looking at the gates of hell, at the end of space and time — the event horizon, the point of no return”.

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