Weekly Snapshot Issue: 34 – 28 June 2019

Case we’re discussing… 

What happens when you’re going through a divorce and you have been dodgy and now you’re scared to comply with Full and Frank Disclosure because you know that you will probably face criminal proceedings in another Jurisdiction? 

You apply for a s128 Certificate under the Evidence Act- that’s what!!!

So, what is the test for the Court issuing a s128 Certificate? That was the issue considered in the recent case Pendergast & Pendergast and Ors.

Poem we love…  

Be brave.

Fall like the rain 

not knowing where 

it will end. 

 Lauren Eden 

Word of the week… 

Boilerplate– standardised text or formulaic language. 

In a sentence: The man used a typical boilerplate he found online to create a contract for rental agreement, which he used when renting the apartment. 

Ted Talk we’ve enjoyed… 

He is the man with the awkward smile that you’d all recognise from the memes; but you know nothing of his life story or history.

In the Ted Talk “How the Internet made me into a Meme”; 74 year old retired Engineer Andreas Arato describes how his life changed following a stock photography modelling gig and one day woke to find his face plastered all over the internet.  

Maxim we’ve discovered…  


“Economy of Truth: Practical Maxims and Reflections” – Vizi Andrei   

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