Weekly Snapshot Issue: 39 – 2 August 2019

Case we’re discussing…

Our understanding of what constitutes marriage has certainly undergone changes in the recent years. When living in a country as culturally diverse as Australia; there is no doubt that there would be numerous interpretations of what constitutes as marriage.

In the case of Najjarin and Houlayce, the Husband persuaded the wife to marry him under Islamic custom so that he could obtain permanent residency in Australia. Traditionally, a “Katb Iktab” or “Aqid” ceremony would need to take place to formalise the marriage. In this case, the parties simply attended before an Islamic Sheikh and signed the marriage certificate without going through any ceremony of marriage. Once the Certificate was signed, the Husband ceased visiting the Wife and the Wife applied for an annulment of the marriage on the ground of fraud.

The Court in this case found that the marriage was not void on the ground of fraud as to the Husband’s intention to marry the Wife. However; Justice Nygh did find that the parties did not enter into a valid marriage because the essentials of the ceremony required by Islamic law did not take place. 

Article we are loving …

We are all searching for happiness. The concept of happiness is often subject; but the common thread is that we all try and add to our life when we are searching for what it is that’’ make us happy. But what if, instead of adding to our life, we subtract. 

In this  week’s article, psychologist Nick Wignall teaches us about the habits that are sabotaging our happiness and encourages us to remove the negative, instead of adding anymore positive.

Quote we are pondering… 

“The more anxious we are, the more high- functioning we will make ourselves appear, which just encourages the world to lean on us more”.

Sarah Wilson

Word of the Week… 

August : inspiring reverence or admiration; supreme dignity or grandeur, majestic. 

In a sentence: However often I saw it, I never ceased to be awed by its august power, majesty and beauty. 

Masters of Success..

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