Weekly Snapshot Issue: 46 – 20 September 2019

Case we are discussing…

What happens when a primary parent’s anxieties are exacerbated at the prospect of a child spending time with the other parent? 

In  B and B 1993 the Court found that  ‘This reasonable belief by the mother requires the Court to consider the impact that any order requiring her to hand the children over into the care of the father might have upon her future parenting capacity. I am satisfied that having heard the evidence of the mother, that any order requiring her to hand the children over to the father for any unsupervised time, would be likely to have a significant effect upon her psychological health and her capacity to provide ongoing, emotional and psychological care for the children’.

Book we just finished reading…

An American Marriage is the stunning love story about culture, connections, family and injustice. Celestial and Roy are newly married. They seem to epitomise love and hope. 

That is until Roy is wrongfully conviction of a crime he didn’t commit, and Celestial is faced with the decision which will change both their lives. Does she wait the 12 years for Roy to be released to resume her life, or does she move on with her life and end the marriage?

Truly unputdownable.

Idea we are pondering …

Johann Hari presented his perspective on depression and loneliness in his best-selling book,  Lost Connections

Johann argues, rather controversially, that contrary to what Pharmaceutical companies would have us believe, depression is not merely a result of a chemical imbalance, but rather he states depression has become so widespread for nine main reasons.

He goes to list these theories in interesting detail. The one reason we are pondering is the epidemic of loneliness. As a society, we are more connected than ever but are these connections real or superficial? Are we not all suffering from lost connections? 

We think yes, and so we ask you all; what will you be doing this week in a bid to authentically connect with those that matter to you? 

Poem we are reciting…

Keeping in line with the concept of loneliness, this week we share a poem by Rupi Kaur, ironically titled ‘ together ’: 

the irony of loneliness

is we all feel it

at the same time.

Masters of Success…

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