Weekly Snapshot Issue: 60 – 17 January 2020

Case we’re reviewing

In the Full Court decision of  Hedley & Hedley [2009],neither the husband nor wife instituted property proceedings within 12 months of their divorce, as is required by law. However, two years later the husband filed an application seeking parenting Orders. The wife thereafter filed a response to his application seeking that she be granted leave to make an application for property settlement. On appeal, the wife relied on section 44(2) which reads: “Notwithstanding subsections (3) and (3A), a respondent may, in answer to an application, include an application for any decree or declaration under this Act.” It was submitted on the wife’s behalf that this section enabled her to seek property orders outside the 12 month time frame without seeking leave under section 44(3). The court unanimously agreed that leave under section 44(3) was not required by the wife because a response to an application under section 44(2) is not to be read subject to section 44(3). The court considered that, if this was the intention, it would have been easy to provide that section 44(2) was to be subject to section 44(3). 

Book we are reading… 

Even if you could return to the past, could you actually change your present situation? 

Before the Coffee gets coldis a book written by Toshikazu Kawaguichi. Originally published in Japanese, the story has been translated into English. 

Set in a small Café in Tokyo, each chapter introduces the reader to a visitor. Each visitor has a regret for things not done and words not said. The café offers each willing participant a short window of opportunity to return to a point in the past and make peace with their present moment. The catch, however is that you cannot change the present and you have to return before the coffee goes cold.

Ted Talk we are watching… 

New year, new you!!! 

We believe that about 5.5 billion people have ‘get in shape’ on top of their New Year’s Resolution list and as the days of 2020 are ticking closer to the mid-year point, many will be throwing in the towel right about… NOW.  

In this  Ted talk, we are told of the effect that regularly exercise has on our bodies. They don’t promise it will be easy, but they promise it will be worth it. 

Netflix show we binge watched… 

The recent Netflix series,  ‘Don’t F**k with cats’made us question one thing,  “Was it a good idea to bring children into this world?” 

Binge worthy viewing at its best. 

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