Family Law

Relationship status: It’s complicated

We understand that breakups are messy and emotional and the last thing you need right now is to have to understand the legal jargon surrounding parenting and/or property settlements. That’s where we come in…. we breakdown the legal waffle surrounding your breakup. When you have Censeo Legal by your side, you will receive concise legal advice on where you stand and a straightforward roadmap to reach a solution.

We will initiate negotiations and focus on a customised and collaborative approach to resolve your dispute.

The team at Censeo Legal will not push you to rush to Court and then send you monthly invoices that bring tears to your eyes. The fact is litigation is often tedious and expensive especially when your matter could be resolved without the drama of Court. If there is a chance for an out of court resolution, Censeo Legal will facilitate for it.

However in some cases, litigation is inevitable and necessary, and we are fierce advocates who will not shy away from Court litigation. We understand the system and how it works and will guide you to achieving the best outcome.

Your matter will never be delegated to a paralegal or inexperienced junior, but always handled by one of the Partners (despite their self-importance) with whom you will have frequent & direct contact.

The difference with Censeo Legal is that we are focused on your resolving your problem empathetically and efficiently, and not simply on our billable timesheets.

We can help you in all family law matters including:

  • Parenting Matters
  • Property Settlement
  • Defacto Family Law
  • Divorce
  • Consent Orders
  • Contravention proceedings in parenting matters
  • Domestic Violence
  • Family Law Mediation
  • Child Support Enforcement
  • Spousal Maintenance Enforcement
  • Costs Enforcement