Weekly Snapshot Issue: 37 – 19 July 2019

Case we are reading…

A gett is a bill of divorcement under Jewish law. What power, therefore does the Family Court of Australia have in Ordering the husband to grant the Wife a gett?

That is the question that is considered by Judge Berman in the matter of  Ferro & Kopel [2016].

History that fascinates us…

In 1971, a team of psychologists at Stanford University, led by Philip Zimbardo, built a jail in the basement of the Stanford psychology building and recruited male students to live there for 2 weeks, earning $15 a day. The intent of the experiment was to study the psychological effects of prisons, so the student participants were randomised to either play the role of prisoner or of guard.

The experiment led to important insights about some people’s willingness to behave in a cruel manner when encouraged to do so, about the dehumanising effect of prisons, and about the power of authority.

Known as the  Stanford Prison Experimentthis psychology research raised serious ethical concerns and after only 6 days of the 2-week plan, Zimbardo himself ended the experiment.

Podcast we are listening too…

Podcast 375 of the Tim Ferris Podcast is all about the  art of learning. Tim interviews Josh Waitzkin, who not only has authored the Art of Learning but has achieved all sort of crazy difficult things. In this podcast, John explains his approach on how you can learn quicker .

Word we are discovering…

Nosegay: A small bunch of flowers.

In a sentence: The young man presented a nosegay of red, white and yellow roses to his sweetheart.

Masters of Success…


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