Weekly Snapshot Issue: 48 – 4 October 2019

Case we are discussing…

The case of  Aishjaim & Gapser [2019]has a very interesting set of facts. 

Among other issues, an issue that this case explores in detail is how does evasive and opaque behaviour of one party effect the ‘Just and Equitable’ division of property? 

Documentary that inspired us…

For the sake of transparency, we acknowledge that the Netflix documentary, Inside Bill’s Brain both inspired us and slightly made us feel inadequate. 

This documentary provides the viewer with a look into Bill’s life leading up to the creation of Microsoft and his subsequent elevation to IT royalty. But what has Bill and Melinda Gate’s been up to since he stepped down from Microsoft in 2006? 

In summary, from dealing with Diarrhea deaths to issues of Climate Change, Bill and Melinda Gates are the champions of our time. Nothing short of inspiring!!!

Book we loved…

The  Brain that Changes Itself  is a best-selling documentation on the 1970’s controversial idea that the human brain is plastic and is able to change and fix itself from conditions previously seen as unalterable. This concept is known as ‘Neuroplasticity’, and Doidge provides stories of unbelievable triumph in the face of a long standing scientific belief that you cannot alter the brain.  

In this informative and inspiring book, we really are faced with the unlimited potential of our brain in the face of supposed adversity. Mind over matter wins again!

Article we are reading…

As we look at our calendars, it is starting to dawn on us that another year has almost ended. The beginning of the year is so hopeful. We set goals and promise to smash them. The end of year, however is generally a different story. We review, regret and wish we had met those goals.

If you want some goal achieving inspiration,  read this article for some great suggestions.   

Masters of Success…

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