Weekly Snapshot Issue: 55 – 22 November 2019

Case we’re reviewing…

As young students in law school; we recall a light bulb moment during our Family Law subject when the lecturer identified some of the requisite factors that would deem an intimate relationship as “de facto”. Up until then; we had assumed that if you merely have a boy/girl-friend and don’t necessarily live together then surely that does not constitute as the very adult sounding “de facto” relationship. Needless to say, many students that day went home with a different perspective on their intimate relationships…

In the case of D & McA (1986), Justice Powell of the Supreme Court of NSW in order to determine whether a de facto relationship was in existence for the purpose of a property claim; then consideration of the following factors should be taken into regard:

  • Duration of the relationship;
  • Nature and extent of common residence;
  • Whether or not a sexual relationship existed;
  • The degree of financial interdependence and any arrangements for support between or by the parties;
  • The ownership, use and acquisition of property;
  • The procreation of children;
  • The care and support of children;
  • The performance of household duties;
  • The degree of mutual commitment and mutual support;
  • The reputation and public aspects of the relationship.

Podcast we’re loving…

When you need a break from your usual podcast topics (entrepreneurship & psychology are on repeat with us); check out “The Journey” – a podcast that tells the true tales of people whose lives have been transformed by travel.

We’re not talking about lounging on the sun lounge beds of the Maldives here but rather those who for personal reasons had moved to the icy plains of Alaska (and had to stand on the head of a shot bleeding fox to rid it of its unbearable pain and fish for wild salmon daily) to the hectic streets of New Delhi.

The podcast brings to mind a quote of one of the world’s greatest travellers, Moroccan-born Ibn Battuta who travelled for 29 years throughout the Muslim world in the 14 th century: “Travel; it leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller”.

Poem we love…

Doubt is a pain
 too lonely to know
that faith
is his twin brother
Khalil Gibran  

Word of the week…

Badruka – Swedish

The Swedes have a word for when someone is very slowly and very reluctantly easing themselves into a body of water. If you act like a “badruka,” you’ll usually end up getting pushed in by your impatient friends. We can easily see ourselves using this word to describe those who are just procrastinating and cowering from facing difficult moments.

                Masters of Success…

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