Weekly Snapshot Issue: 57 – 6 December 2019

Case we are discussing…

Parents undoubtedly have a responsibility for the maintenance of their children following separation with the other parent. This is a long established rule in society and in the eyes of the Court.

Those who have had experience with the Child Support Agency are aware of the lengthy equation used to calculate the sum of maintenance to be paid. Generally, however; the question of child maintenance is approached by considering the following factors:

  1. The financial needs of the particular child;
  2. The extent to which the child has the financial resources to meet those needs;
  3. A comparison of the respective financial circumstances of the parties to meet the needs of each child.

A parent’s responsibility to contribute towards the support of a child is calculated on the party’s income after deduction of their financial commitments, including taxation and necessary living expenses. The court in the matter of Mee & Ferguson (1986)discussed these matters and found that one cannot reduce maintenance liability by moving into a more expensive house with a higher mortgage.

Poem we loved…

Pepsi Cola

One Sunday a man arrived
to sell black water
that glistened like a riverstone.
A lady bought some
and said:
‘It’s as sweet as heaven’s water must be.’
They called it  iya maskoria – water of mercy.
To consecrate their tongues,
some asked for a barter.
It wasn’t possible.
They asked why,
‘It’s called Pepsi Cola,’ said the man.
We started to drink
from that death, which shrivels up our skin and makes our blood toothsome.
Now not even doctors’ water can heal us 

  • Mexican poet Hubert Matiuwaa

Background to the Poem:

Nestled in the mountains of Guerrero, one of the most violent states in Mexico, Matiuwaa’s people live under the constant threat of drug-related and military violence, people trafficking, and land dispossession from foreign mining companies. He writes to expose, from the perspective of his culture’s world view, the violent reality of his place of origin, which reflects the rampant inequality of the entire country. ‘In Mexico we are 68 indigenous nations and it is unjust for us to be excluded,’ he says. ‘In the mountain regions there is no access to health or education. You don’t get taught to read your own language. These are the conditions that exclude our indigenous peoples.’

Podcast we’ve enjoyed…

Dan Harris is a fidgety, sceptical ABC newsman who had a panic attack live on Good Morning America. Cut a long story short; his anxiety forced him to face the music and write a best selling book “10% Happier” which then led to the App “10% Happier; Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics”.

On the podcast; “10 percent happier with Dan Harris” he interviews ambitious people in their quest for enlightenment. On a recent episode, he interviewed the ubiquitous Esther Perel – listen to their episode “Mating in Captivity” for a very insightful take on why couples fight, cheat, remain together and what we essentially want from our modern relationships.

Word of the week…


Scottish origin

Meaning: Exhausted, out of breath, unable to function due to extreme tiredness 

Used in a sentence: A’m feeling a bit wabbit after partying all night!

Masters of Success…