Weekly Snapshot Issue No: 11 – 21 December 2018

Case we are discussing …

We often have queries from new clients as to whether previous Court Orders can be varied. Like all legal cases, the ultimate answer to this differs on a case by case basis, however the general approach to such matters, is discussed at length in the case of week Rice v Asplund.

In this Case, the Full Court of the Family Court decided that before a Court would review Final Orders in relation to Parenting matters, it first needs to be satisfied that there has been a significant change in circumstances since the Final Orders had been made.

In giving reason for their judgement, Chief Justice Evatt stated that the Court: “…should not lightly entertain an application … To do so would be to invite endless litigation for change is an ever present factor in human affairs … there must be evidence of a significant change in circumstances.”

The purpose of the rule in Rice v Aspland, as it is now referred, is to protect children from being exposed to the ongoing litigation.

Website we are scanning…

Christmas time is a time for giving but some people are just impossible to gift- because they either have it all or are just plan whingy and nothing is good enough. Generally, we would say gift those people mugs and socks but if they are annoying people that you love then we recommend www.hardtofind.com.au. This website targets the gift for those that you struggle to give- the difficult ones.

From the ‘Bath and shower Wine holder’ to ‘Suck uk sun jar’, this website is a smorgasbord of ‘who the hell invented that and why am I only finding out about this now’ stuff.

Article we are reading…

‘One central problem of our minds is that they tend to throw out thoughts that are, above anything else, vague. They aren’t wrong, so much as extremely imprecise…’

In the school of life article, The Task of Turning Vague Thoughts into More Precise Ones the reader is warned against vagueness when it comes to an understanding what they truly feel and want. We are encouraged to turn generalities into specifies, to go from vagueness to focus and therefore give ourselves the best chance of reaching what we actually seek.

 Life hack we love …

The 20- 20-20 rule (looking at something 20 ft away for 20 seconds every 20 mins) is a method proven to stop eye strain and thus stop headaches.

Try it and lets us know how you go!

Quite we are pondering…

Failure is not failing down and making a mistake, or choosing the wrong movie, or doing the wrong thing at the wrong time, its stopping. Stopping is the failure, not continuing forward is the failure, not keeping going…

Cayla Dengate

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