Weekly Snapshot Issue No: 14 – 1 February 2019

Case we are discussing….

In the Marriage of Pierce [1998]the Husband appealed against property orders aguring that he ought to have received greater recognition for his initial financial contribution at the time of the commencement of the relationship, being his assets substantially received from compensation from an accident. He sought 70% of the current assets. 

The Appeal was allowed and the husband was given 75% of the asset pool. 

The court stated that although the concept of ‘erosion’ applies to initial contributions made, this case related to what weight was to be attached in all the circumstaces, to the Husband’s initial financial contributions. But for his greater initial financial contribution, the parties would not have been able to acquire the matrimonial home. 

Gift idea we are loving….

What to bring when your told not to bring a thing? 

Check out Plattersbyjam next time you have somewhere to go but don’t know what to take with you. PlattersbyJam only use the freshest produce and offer the most affordable prices for all things ‘Platters’. 

So whether your choice is fruit or cheese, 

Pick a Platter from PlattersbyJam, 

and you will be sure to please. 

Find PlattersbyJam on Instagram.

Book we are raving about….

‘Where the Crawdads sing’by Delia Owens. 

Ally loved this book so much that she purchased both audbible and hard copies. She can’t stop raving about it! Her review is an emphatic plea to  ‘Please buy it! Please Read it!’ 

We bought ours at Better Read than Dead Newtown. 

Drink we are loving….

As we up the ante with this gym thing- it has come to our attention that our bodies need extra care when you lift weights. So our favourite post workout drink at the moment is our Berries Protein shake. 


1.     Cup full of frozen mixed Berries,

2.     1 Cup of Coconut Water 

3.     35 gr of your choice of protein powder (We love Natures Way Protein powder in Vanilla flavour). 

Blend all together in a blender, pour into cup and drink away. 

To be consumed after workout or whenever you feel like it. We bought all ingredients from Woolworths. 

Video we are viewing….

How to manage anger in 45 seconds.

Following from our regular ‘life advice’ segments,  this 45 second video shows a father giving his daughter life advice on handling emotions, and in particular anger. Respect the emotion and let it go!! Happy watching. 

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