Weekly Snapshot Issue No: 7 – 23 November 2018

Legal Article we are reading…

As a lawyer, when is it appropriate to run a no contact case and what about protecting the child’s right to have a meaningful relationship with each parent?

This is the question that Her Honour, Judge Henderson answers in this insightful article; Keeping Children Safe. No contact: when do you run the case?

Her Honour focuses on the timing of making a no contact order and the implications of such orders on the Court, the primary parent, the other parent and primarily, the child/ren. 

‘The most difficult cases to make a no contact order, I have found, are at the interim level as it is unlikely findings necessary to support a no contact order can be made or the evidence tested… These are the cases where we must think more clearly and outside the square, not just apply the usual interim order of time at a contact centre. It will not always be okay at the end of the day”. 

Read it here: 


Lip scrubbing, we are loving…

No one like flakey lips, especially if you’re a solicitor who talks all day and thus draws attention to their lips. We have used every lip balm on the market and let’s face it, sometimes a balm is just not enough. We recently came across another option for supple, full and healthy looking lips- a pre-scrub to get your lips in the pink.

With a blend of sugar, coffee and ethically sourced beeswax, the Frank Body Lip scrub will buff away the flakey bits to reveal soft, smooth lips. Your lips will look fuller, and healthier. Plus your partner may even thank you for it.  

We bought ours from Mecca Cosmetics. 


Lunch we are obsessing over…

You know those days when you are swamped with work, and lunchtime is here and you know you need to do the right thing and eat- well on those days we’ve been obsessing over our office made tuna Salads. 

Our proteins and our greens in one super packed bowl! We are lovers of chilli, but we were recently tempted to top our greens with Smoked Tuna instead- and boy is it good. 

A bag of prewashed salad of your choice, with a sprinkle of salt, a squeeze of lemon, a generous splash of olive Oil and a can of Serina Smoked Tuna– your welcome!!

We buy our Tuna from Woolworths.  

Poem we are revisiting…

These mountains you are 


you were only supposed to 


Najwa Zebian 

The Nectar of Pain

Documentary we recently watched … 

Ronnie Coleman reached the peaks of the Body Building industry 8 times. A look at his past is a lesson in the ability of a human to reach their goals and supersede expectation, but a look at his current state is a reminder that the pursuit of success can sometimes come at the ultimate price. 

Coleman’s harrowing fall from the greatest bodybuilder in history to a shell of the man who redefined a sport is documented in a new film; Ronnie Coleman: The King, which is available to watch on Netflix. This documentary, although difficult to fathom, is well worth the watch. But we warn you- get the tissues ready.

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