Weekly Snapshot Issue No: 9 – 7 December 2018

Case we’re reading…

Undoubtedly, subpoenas are often invaluable in litigation. The recent Family Law Court case of Tsocas & Rilak [2018] FamCA 981 involved a subpoena to produce that was issued by the mother to the child’s treating psychologist. The psychologist objected to the subpoena on the basis that it attracted the operation of s69ZN of the Family Law Act 1975, which sets out the principles for conducting child-related proceedings.

In her notice of objection, the psychologist identified that the production of documents [being sensitive therapeutic material] threatens and may jeapordise the ongoing therapeutic relationship between psychologist and client.”

His Honour Justice Gill cited Halsbury’s Laws of Australia which notes that “a subpoena must be issued in good faith and with the object and reasonable expectation of obtaining evidence which is relevant to the proceeding in which it is issued.” Confidentiality in of itself does not constitute a ground to resist a subpoena.

After consideration of the principles listed under s69ZN, His Honour found that while access to the information from the psychologist may have potential adverse consequences to the child, it is nonetheless material that has the potential to be decisive on the question of the further assessment of the child, and potentially on the ultimate question of what is in the child’s best interests. Accordingly, limited access was granted to the subpoenaed material. 

Read the case here: https://jade.io/article/622466

DIY Scrub we’re loving…

If you ever find yourself resembling a scaly & flaky creature, we’d advise you put away the sand paper and try this DIY scrub instead. 

In a small porcelain bowl, drizzle some good quality olive oil over a pinch of Himalayan sea salt. Mix it well to emulsify and then gently (exfoliation is not an Olympic sport, so go easy folks) rub your flaky parts in a circular motion. 

The idea is that you use a natural exfoliant coupled with hydrating oil. Feel free to use ground coffee with coconut oil and a few drops of your favourite essential oil if you want to fancy it up. 

Stay clear from sugar because it’ll be too coarse and you’ll just end up blotchy and grazed, resembling a teenage kid after his first shave. 

Stationary we love…

This week we received a request to review stationary, and as you all know Ally has a penchant for it. This week we are reviewing the Lamy Pens. 

Lamy pens embody the best of German design. These pens turn customers into personalities, with a pen that fulfils all needs when it comes to writing style, quality and comfort. 

Ally loves them so much she wrote a poem: 

Lamy Lamy 

I’m feeling very clammy, 

But when I hold you near, 

I have no fear, 

You inspire me to write, 

and I feel like I’m on a flight, 

To Shakespeare and Dickens, 

With you in my hand 

my creative juices flow and my writing skill quickens.

(Shakespeare eat your heart out*)

We bought ours from Pentimento Newtown:  http://www.pentimentonewtown.com

Life advise we are pondering …

As we near the end of the year, and some of us look forward to the celebrations of Christmas and the exchange of gifts between us and the people we love, we want this piece of stoic advice to be a reminder of what truly matters…

All human beings seek the happy life, but many confuse the means- for example, wealth and status- with that life itself. This misguided focus on the means to a good life makes people get further from the happy life. The really worthwhile things are the virtuous activities that make up the happy life, not the external means that may seem to produce it. 

Epictetus- The Art of living. 

Artwork installation we’ve come across…

Head On (2006) by New York based, Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang is a dramatic installation involving 99 life size stuffed wolves barrelling impetuously across a room before crashing against a transparent barrier. The work serves as a visual metaphor for the dangers of pack mentality and the urge to push forward without reflection or compromise. This installation was originally inspired by Berlin and its history but meditates more broadly on the human destiny.

See footage of the installation here: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=cai+guo+qiang+head+on

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