Weekly Snapshot Issue: 63 – 7 February 2020

Case we are reviewing…

In Zalewski and Zalewski(2005),the parties’ marriage of over 20 years ended but they did not reach trial until they had been separated for about six and a half years. They had an informal settlement at the time of separation. The trial judge held that the contributions during the marriage were equal but the trial judge gave the husband an adjustment of 30% in his favour for his post- separation contributions. The husband had used skills he acquired during the marriage to build up substantial post- separation assets. The wife received a 10% adjustment for s75(2) factors. The Husband appealed. He sought that the wife receives no more than under the informal settlement. Finn J said:

“In these long separation periods, the parties will usually have built substantial new assets or incurred substantial liabilities. In an endeavour to satisfy the parries that any orders which are eventually made by the Court in the somewhat complicated cases are just and equitable it can, in my view, be very useful for judges to assess contributions to property on an asset by asset basis”.  

Film we are looking forward to watching… 

For Samais an intimate feature documentary that takes the form of letter from Waad Al- Kateab, a 26- year old Syrian mother, to her daughter Samar corded in the last days of the battle of Aleppo. 

Winner of multiple awards, we are really looking forward to seeing this one.

We will give a full review in our upcoming snapshots. 

TV Show we are revisiting…

Let’s face it, whether its Greta Thunberg, the Trump catastrophes or the celebrity deaths, The Simpsons seem to have ‘predicted’ it years ago. So, in a bid to see into the future, we are re watching the oracle that is The Simpsons.

Poem we are loving…

leaving her country 

was not easy for my mother 

I still catch her searching for it 

in foreign films 

and the international food aisle

–      Rupi Kaur 

Masters of Success…